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Best high-tech ski gear: 2020 edition

CNET doesn't usually write up ski equipment, but with more winter sports gear going high-tech -- and mingling with the high-tech gear we carry day-to-day -- we thought we'd have some fun rounding

Tools Make Good Gifts

For the winter sports fan: The Ironclad Tundra is designed to protect hands in harsh cold conditions such as snowmobiling, hunting and outdoor work. It is waterproof, windproof and insulated

Best new headphones of CES 2019

This is Audio-Technica's new true wireless sports model, the ATH-Sport7TW $200 . They're shipping in the next month or so and deliver up to 3.5 hours of battery and include a charging case that

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Liu Xiaobo December 8, 1955-July 13, 2017 , who became China's most famous political prisoner, had been a visiting scholar at Columbia University in New York but returned early to China in May

CES 2016 products that you can actually buy this year

Available in March, the new D5 is not cheap, costing $6,500 UK or Australian pricing not available yet but that's £4,430 or AU$9,100 converted . Though the price tag is hefty, Nikon has

Axon M is a ridiculous dual-screen phone with

Josh Miller/CNET Perhaps the biggest thing I had to get used to, though, was using the camera. During an era when top-tier phones can have up to three cameras, the Axon M only has one. If you want

Motorola Moto X4 review: Standout midrange Android

Portraits shots: Like many dual-camera phones, the camera can take bokeh-style shots that give photos a short depth of field for a dramatic, blurred look. The effect works well enough, but the

What Can You Rent for $20,000 a Month?

This gorgeous estate features 6 bedrooms and 6 baths, a heated pool, high-end finishes throughout and more than 6,000 square feet of living space. It's the perfect place for a multi-millionaire to

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 review: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 The Lumix DMC-FZ40 is the lower-priced linemate to Panasonic's other full-size megazoom, the FZ100 . The two are separated by about $100 and a whole lot of features.

The best Bluetooth wireless speaker of 2020

The Sonos Move is the company's first portable indoor-outdoor speaker, complete with a built-in rechargeable battery that's good for 900 charges or roughly three years and is replaceable. It's Wi

Motorola Moto X4 review: Standout midrange Android

Portraits shots: Like many dual-camera phones, the camera can take bokeh-style shots that give photos a short depth of field for a dramatic, blurred look. The effect works well enough, but the

Rod Temperton

The British-born musician and songwriter Rod Temperton October 9, 1949-Sept./Oct. 2016 once told BBC Radio he had been lulled to sleep as a baby by the sound of music on a transistor radio placed

The 100 'Earth Skills' Review: Fight Club

The 100 'Earth Skills' Review: Fight Club. By Kaitlin Thomas. Follow thekaitling. Mar 27, 2014. 223comments. The 100 S01E02: 'Earth Skills' The first rule of post-apocalyptic teen sci-fi is to

All PlayStation 2 Video Game Releases

NCAA Final Four 2004 features more than 300 Division IA teams, multiple modes of play including Practice, Dynasty and Career, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence AI and compatibility with 989SportsOnline, the revolutionary central online lobby linking all 989 Sports online titles with features including roster updates, a real-time sports ticker, tournaments, message boards, voice chat

Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough

Grand Theft Auto IV Walkthrough Conquer the spling streets of Liberty City all over again with GameSpot's walkthrough for Grand Theft Auto 4. By Doug Radcliffe on April 3, 2009 at 10:27AM PDT

Apple iPad review: Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is an unprecedented device. It doesn't shoot rainbows or make puppies, but this roughly 8x10-inch tablet computer melds your laptop, smartphone, gaming console, and iPod into a

Best PC Video Games for 2005

Sports Interactive style. Selecting your team from more than 20 leagues around the globe, including the vaunted NHL, you'll strive to become the greatest hockey manager of all time. Build a dynasty for the future as you scout, draft and sign up new talent. You'll also need to enter negotiations to trade players and strengthen your squad. Once you've assembled a winning combination it's time to

Interactive CD Sampler Disc Volume 6 Review for

The last demo is an action-adventure game where you must scale the ruins of the Great Wall of China. The textures are somewhat of an eyesore, with some really grainy and straining palettes. At least I can appreciate the attempt at a realistic environment. You start at the bottom of a cave, then work your way up to the wall, where many types of traps, such as dart guns, spike walls, and

The Sims 2: Happy Holiday Stuff

Made out of non-melting snow substitute for indoor or outdoor use year-round.' Cost: §10 Motives: None Skills Increased: None Colours: 1 ----- 4.39 Snowman Construction Set - Middle 'Have a ball building your own snowman Each of the pieces of this versatile set are stackable, and can add up to a snowman or anything else you can imagine. The snowman base and middle sections can be used

Hitman: Definitive Edition

But there are other items that can be useful: 0=====0 Multi-use Items \ 0=====> These are found items that can be used for more that just luring and attacking. >>Screwdriver ***** This item is used for fixing or breaking things. Can be used for stabbing and Throw Kills. >>Crowbar ***** This item is used for forcing open doors, Cabinets, and Safes. Can be used for clubbing and Throw Stuns

Hitman 2

----- Notes: This is a Japanese style blunt force weapon similar to the Police Baton. >>Concealable Knife ***** Available: Completion of the Mission Stories - Hokkaido Challenge. ----- Notes: This is a knife that can be carried with you and not be detected when being frisked. >>Masamune ***** Available: Unlocked after acquiring The Whisperer Challenge within The Art of Revenge Challenge


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Resident Evil Outbreak

MMb dMM `88888P' dP 88Y8888' dP `88888P' `88888P8 dP `YP MMMMMMMMMMM ----- Title: Biohazard Outbreak / Biohazard Online Resident Evil Outbreak / Resident Evil Online System: Sony Playstation 2 Version: 0.4 Last Update: 7 Jul 2004 Author: Outbreak Type of FAQ: George FAQ Indepth Character FAQ Email: Bioutbreak ----- NOTE ----- This FAQ is unauthorised and unofficial. Any

The Sims

Blue China Vase §4260 R7 1x1 Nice vase Large Black Slab by ChiChi §12648 R12 1x1 Creative name 4.84 Electronics Firebrand Smoke Detector §50 1 Only if you have a fireplace or stove. SCTC BR-8 Standard Telephone §50 1x1 Out of the 50s. SCTC Cordless Wall Phone §75 1 Mount on any wall. Urchineer Train Set by Rip Co. §80 F2 2x1 For the kids. Monochrome TV §85 F2 1x1 Yeccch. Down Wit

Resident Evil Outbreak

Except playing Resident Evil Outbreak Due to the fact that at the present moment, we could be at different places, I am directing you to a central location so that I can walk you through the level. Kevin and Cindy - Check your map and go through the door at the north end of the passage. George and David - Check your map and go through the door at the west end of the passage. ===== B6F

Resident Evil Outbreak

Witness the revolutionary Resident Evil gameplay, multi-player scenarios and next level design in this totally new, dramatic, cooperative gameplay experience. Take on the role as one of 8 survivors of an outbreak caused by a secret biological weapon. Play in offline or online* mode to create contagiously addictive play scenarios you'll want to try and relive again and again. This time, it's

Coronavirus updates: Trump suspends some travel from

Asian shares plunged Thursday after the World Health Organization declared a coronavirus pandemic and indexes sank on Wall Street.. Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 dived 4.4% to 18,559.63. Australia

Sleeping Dogs

Section 05c Face Level s05c '-----'-----' Your 'Face' Level is a measure of your respect and reputation in Hong Kong. Like the Triad and Cop Levels, it can advance from Face Level 0 up to Face Level 10. Three trophies are available for achieving Face Level 2, 5 and 10. The main way to earn Face XP is by completing favours see Section 07b - which are marked with yellow icons across

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

- This chase ends in grand style as you all ride the flaming car through a billboard onto the freeway below to end the mission. ----- 7.8.2 Green Sabre: Mission 2 ----- ----- Prerequisites: None Reward s : Respect Unlockables : None Sweet wants to end the wars once and for all. He tells everyone to go get weapons and meet under the Mulholland Intersection to show the Ballas what total

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cheap multi style outdoor sports face for china