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Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Talk to the guy in the store and buy Famous Grape Juice from him for 300 Fol. Accept the shop orders and buy whatever upgraded equipment you need. Leave the store and west to the docks. Open the chest on the southern dock to get a Bizarre Fruit . You will find Chaz on the northern dock; give him Fez's note. Go back to the main street and head north. Speak to the woman standing at the top of

The Sims

For The Sims on the PC, Item Guide by JPaterson.

Icewind Dale II

STATISTICS: Saving Throw Bonus: 3 to Reflex saves Weight: 3 lb. 00HFBTDB Warded Dragon's Belt STATISTICS: Saving Throw Bonus: 3 to Reflex saves Resistance: 6/- Cold Reistance Weight: 3 lb. 00BELTLG Little Giant This belt of woven hair is a curious belt, and it is woven from a mix of red dwarven hair and verbeeg giant hair. It was originally worn as a substitute by the 'Little Giant,' Hohn

Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Z Saisei-hen

PROLOGUE 3: The Earth's Last Day With all these obstacles dealt with, the Earth Federation's foundation day drew near. However, the world was anything but united in its desire to join the Federation. The Middle Eastern territories, with a long history of opposition to the Three Great Nations, and the numerous smaller nations still torn by internecine warfare, turned their back on the

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buy 3 ply non woven tasteless and